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    • 2015 EMT acquire 51% of total equity of Taihu Jinzhang Science & Technology Corp.

    • 2014 EMT acquire 62.5% of total equity of Zhengzhou Huajia New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. by ownership enlargement;

    • 2012 EMT set up Jiangsu EM New Material Co., Ltd.;

    • 2011 Sichuan EM Technology Co., Ltd. ( EMT ) is listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchanges;

    • 2007 Sichuan Dongcai Group was renamed as “Sichuan EM Technology Group Co., Ltd.” (EMT for short), Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd. Is the key subsidiary ofr EMT;

    • 2005 Guangzhou Gaojin Group Co., Ltd. wholly purchased Sichuan Dongcai Group;

    • 1994 Re-organized and renamed as “Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd.”, built Sichuan Dongcai Group;

    • 1971 The construction of plant finished and be put into production;

    • 1968 Moved from Mianzhu to Mianyang;

    • 1966 State-owned company-Dongfang Insulation Material Works, moved from Harbin City, Hei Long Jiang Province to Sichuan Province;

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